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where I come from..


I grew up immersed in the muted colours and strong light of North East Scotland, absorbed by the natural world and free to roam. There were trips to the West coast of Scotland and to Shetland every year, mum being a Shetlander and to the North of England on my dad’s Geordie side. There were a lot of different accents around me, most particularly the Doric of the N E which had to be learned quickly as an outsider at a tiny rural primary school. We moved to Aberdeen when I was older and I studied art and began to paint, illustrate and photograph things. Quiet internal activities, but then I found singing, or it found me and so began a life-long interest in all things voice. I was driven by the need to express – the same need that I often observe in the people I work with.

As a teenager in Aberdeen, I taught myself yoga from a book (by Rachel Welch as it happens) there were no classes in Aberdeen back then.. It was many years later that I discovered and dug deep into the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition which still anchors my now hybrid and more release-based form of practice. I worked with many teachers, did many trainings and became a YA Senior teacher working with students at all levels. I still teach – from the perspective of an older body, a replaced hip, a respectful sense of humour and irreverence.  I love teaching yoga as an inclusive practice and a set of tools and resources for fostering inner strength, presence and creative living.

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